An Insiders Guide for Artist & Entrepreneurs

Available in E-book form


This E-book is for those who like to think outside of the box. Those searching for more independence in life. It’s for the ungodly number of artists and creatives that are turned down by both galleries and establishments on a regular basis. It’s also for the many that are manipulated within the brick and mortar creative industry.

These same artists may think they’re not good enough or possibly feel that they should just give up. I’m here to tell you that the doubters are wrong. The creative industry currently has more power than ever. You’re a business within yourself. Let this small book act as ammunition towards your financial freedom.

Within any industry, you’re going to have to think differently in order to stand out. Those who stand in line or follow the usual protocol are sheep amongst the wolves. I personally recommend you become your own wolf and create a pack in the process.

I’m going to discuss the art industry in its present state and divulge past ideas that no longer have the same significance. This will be a combination of information I’ve witnessed first-hand along with factual experiences from living artists thriving today. Much of this info will go against the grain of traditional business practice. But as our motto states.. Some Traditions Were Made to Be Broken.


Looking online, it’s a bit of a debate to when the first real art gallery was opened. What we do know is that it’s a business model at least a century old. A model still practiced today, even though our world has dramatically changed.

Somewhere between the height of entrepreneurism and the dawn of the internet, a transition in the tide occurred. Not everyone wants to admit this change or the legitimacy of this transition, but more artists are becoming independent.

When I first started creating the building blocks for Artist Replete, I looked at the art industry as a whole. I noticed beautiful decadent galleries that had very low tech websites. The user experience relied heavily on foot traffic and still does today. That’s a problem for the business, but an opportunity for those willing to take action. I began writing this E-book during the height of a pandemic. At this time my business had begun to do even better from the heightened traffic online; while traditional brick and mortar locations suffered tremendously, and my heart goes out to them.

For anything you read or any information you’re given its always a good idea to consider the source. So here’s a quick background check into the person writing this: Artist Replete began roughly five years ago when I learned the general rules of the art industry. Which is; most art galleries take 50% commission on transactions and many hold artists in some form of a contractual agreement. In my mind this raised a big red flag.I asked myself, are artists okay with all of this ? When I realized many weren’t and there wasn’t much action bringing attention to this issue, the business began to form.

While it may seem like many brick and mortar locations have the best interests in mind for the creatives they represent, that’s not always the case. That’s because rent is due for their space and there is a constant push to financially get ahead. This push can lead a business owner to cut corners, leaving the artist as a financial after thought at times. I’ve seen it, I’ve heard it from artists, and it will continue to happen.

Since the inception of my business, I’ve worked with clients such as the NBA on TNT, Warner Media, the Sofitel Hotel chain, and many others. We’ve also shipped art throughout the U.S.,Canada and in Europe. My small team and I have hosted art shows in unconventional spaces, which harbored a new level of excitement . Not to mention some great sales, and lasting memories for our audience.

Now that I’ve briefly introduced myself, let’s dive in.